Chimney Saver

Standard chimney sweeping or power sweeping will not remove glazed creosote.

Creosote builds up within a flue over time and is a bi-product of combustion from burning wood which has a high moisture content although it may be seen with other fuel types. This build up if left will restrict the flue gases within the chimney and can lead to a blockage. The Creosote & tar build up is flammable and can lead to chimney fires which can cause significant damage not only within the chimney. This creosote is also acidic in nature can damage chimney lining no matter what there construction.

We offer a solution, Cre-Away is able to change the chemical make up of the creosote allowing it to be removed more easily. This is done by applying the Cre-away from the bottom of the flue and allowing it to act on the creosote. After application we will return after a few days to power sweep the chimney and remove the now changed residue. This allows the chimney to be used again without the use of reaming tools or expensive relining. Please not this may take more than one application.

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